[ECOS] FLASH support for EDOSK-2674

Uwe Kindler ukindler@htwm.de
Wed Dec 3 16:10:00 GMT 2003


just a short question about the intel strata flash driver. I don't know if I
understand the configuration options of this driver right.
The EDOSK-2674 board contains a 4MByte INTEL 28F320J3A main flash memory
with the following parameters:

Bus Width: 16 Bit
Adress: FROM 0x000000 TO 0x3FFFFF

So I setup the configuration in my edosk_strataflash.inl file in the
following way:

#define CYGNUM_FLASH_DEVICES         (1)
#define CYGNUM_FLASH_BASE                (0x00000000u)
#define CYGNUM_FLASH_BASE_MASK  (0xFC000000u)
#define CYGNUM_FLASH_WIDTH            (16)
#define CYGNUM_FLASH_BLANK           (1)

Could someone confirm that I understand the configuration setting right or
is there something wrong with

Thank you very much

Uwe Kindler

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