[ECOS] Problems with sockets after 1132 requests

sandeep sandeep@codito.com
Tue Dec 2 13:03:00 GMT 2003

Hi Michael,
Your mail vaguely reminds of something similar we had observed here (perhaps
more than an year back) on a different platform and in slightly different
context. It could be possible mbuff leakage problem (perhaps mbuffs not getting
freed). Here is what you can try (I am not a networks expert)

- enabling "Network MBUF diagnostics"
- play around with the "Memory designated for networking buffers" to see if
numbers change from 1132 / 15
- increasing/decreasing the value of "Max number of open sockets" and see if
that bears any relations to the figures you observe


> I have some problems handling many requests to a tcp server in eCos 2.0.
> I am using the code found in net/common/v2_0/tests/server_test.c (I don't
> modify it at all)
> I have no problems connecting to the server on that port. However, when I
> continuosly send tcp requests to the eCos tcp server, reads the response,
> and then closes the socket, the server always stops responding after 1132
> requests has been handled.
> Furthermore I tried running gdb remote and debugging the server. Then it
> stop responding after 15 requests, and I was not able to figure out why.

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