[ECOS] The First Chinese eCos Book:"eCos Development and Appilication"

Ben Jam myecos@hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 12:30:00 GMT 2003

This book is the first Chinese eCos book ,and is the second book in the 
eCos world.

This book is published by China Machine Press (http://www.cmpbook.com/) as 
part of the Electrical Engineering Series. Author Juping Jiang introduces 
the eCos architecture, installation, configuration, coding, API, porting, 
and the entire eCos development platform. He uses the embedded Web Server 
based eCos to demonstrate how build a eCos application. Based this book's 
structure and content, reader can study eCos step by step. 

This book's directory is following:
Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: Setup the eCos Development Environment
Chapter 3: eCos Configuration Tools and Programming Examples
Chapter 4: RedBoot
Chapter 5: System Kernel
Chapter 6: Thread and Synchronization
Chapter 7: ISO C and Math Library
Chapter 8: Device Driver and PCI Library
Chapter 9: File System
Chapter 10: Network Support and Programming
Chapter 11: Hardware Abstract Layer and eCos Porting
Chapter 12: Component Framework and CDL
Chapter 13: Embedded Web Server based eCos

This book can be found at any good technical book store in China, or 
alternatively can be ordered online directly from the 
publisher(http://www.cmpbook.com/article.asp?id=13242&pubnums=1-1), or 
or Haidian 
(http://www.e-bookshop.com.cn/asp/detail.asp?bookID=711113242401) or many 
other online book stores.

Chinese Book Name:¡¶Ç¶Èëʽ¿ÉÅäÖÃʵʱ²Ù×÷ϵͳeCos¿ª·¢ÓëÓ¦Óá·(1CD)
Press: »úе¹¤Òµ³ö°æÉç
ISBN: 7-111-13242-4

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