[ECOS] doubt on i386 PC Target building

sivaraman venugopal sivaramanvenugopal@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 10:39:00 GMT 2003


I am building ecos for i386 PC Target
I am using Redhat linux.
I downloaded ecos-2.0 from site

I did following things using Configuration tool

1) build->templates , i selected i386 PC Target &

2) Gave native tools path 

3) build->library

it is taking  ECOS Repository Path correctly
global prefix is ok. i have checked with all 

When i say build->library
 It compiles all packges and creates the binary file
and image file in ecos_install/bin directory

i loaded the binary file in to the floppy using 

$ dd conv=sync if=gdb_module.bin of=/dev/fd0

the binary file is loaded into the floppy

when i reboot my system with floppy, it boots from
floppy and performs some reading from floppy and
stops, and clears the screen.

no prompt is seen,cursor blinking at the top of the
what should i do ?
how can i add my own files to the ecos 



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