[ECOS] Re: Run tests

John Dallaway jld@ecosentric.com
Mon Dec 1 10:06:00 GMT 2003

Ricardo Andrino wrote:

> when i try to run the run tests on my AT91EB40A with the Ecos configuration tool, there is no connection with the board.I think that is used a Remote Serial connection and should be a ARM Angel/Serial connection......How could i configure this ARM ANgel Connection on the ecos graphical configuration tool? 

Interaction with the target hardware for the puspose of running tests is 
specified in the Tools->Platforms dialog box of the eCos Configration 
Tool. It may or may not be possible to create a platform entry to allow 
for the running of tests using Angel. However, I would recommend 
installing RedBoot into the second half of the Flash (it does not need 
to overwrite Angel) and using RedBoot rather than Angel to run the eCos 
tests. If you have previously installed eCos 2.0, you should have a full 
set of platforms definitions for the eCos 2.0 targets already defined in 
your registry. You can clone the GDB commands used for the at91 platform 
(EB40) and use them for the EB40A.

> There is files for this board PB-555 from Axión on the CVS or somewhere?

Check out hardware table for board support:


John Dallaway
eCosCentric Limited

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