[ECOS] Re: crash in tftp_client_test.c

HG henri@broadbandnetdevices.com
Tue Apr 29 04:39:00 GMT 2003

>I would try reproducing the problem with a low bandwidth test, eg
>pings. Once you can get the system crashing with this, then put some
>breakpoints in which are called when broadcast packets are received
>and then trace it through to see why it crashes.

Ping uses the icmp protocol , the previously reported  problem is that the
ecos application
receives some udp packets (a different protocol) on an unrelated port that
it does not expect
 and that seems to cause it to crash

to reproduce the kind of packets generated by the nt workstation in a
controlled way , i think I need a udp packet generator and no windows
product on the network . Has ecos been tested that way before ????



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