[ECOS] Problem with TCP Urgent data (old stack).

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Fri Apr 25 19:08:00 GMT 2003

Grant Edwards wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 10:10:18AM -0500, Grant Edwards wrote:
>>When my eCos app sends a Ctrl-C to telnetd, it kills the
>>running shell command and inserts a telnet data-mark (0xff
>>0xf2) as urgent data in the stream.
>>The eCos TCP/IP stack only removes the first byte of the
>>sequence so that my app sees the 0xf2 but not the 0xff.
> Setting the OOBINLINE option on the socket fixes the problem,
> but I'm still curious about whether linux telnetd is only
> marking the first byte of the data-mark tuple as urgent or if
> there's an RFC961 dis-connect between the Linux stack and the
> FreeBSD stack (that's the old one, right?).

OpenBSD is the old one. I would be surprised Linux would diverge from BSD 
when BSD virtually defined the de facto standards!

You could also have a look to see if the FreeBSD stack differs. If it 
does, you may not have so many qualms about patching the OpenBSD stack.

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