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Matt Kober mattkober@web.de
Tue Apr 22 21:33:00 GMT 2003

that was actually a great hint, but i wasn't using angel at all. i had angel residing in flash though and i noticed that it always runs for a moment before redboot gets a chance to run. so angel probably messed up the memory map and mode settings. is that what could have happened?
but shouldn't redboot initialize all the registers again when it's run? i would think so.

i solved the problem by rebuilding redboot with asserts and tracing enabled, but i totally don't understand why this should make a difference. fact is that my own test prog and all the kernel tests run just fine now.


> Pierre Habraken wrote:
> >>Subject: Re:[ECOS] Re: arm evaluator e7t hangs when executing example progs/tests

> > 
> > I had this kind of behavior when running the e7t with Angel because the
> > latter starts application programs in user mode.
> > Using Redboot instead of Angel solves the problem.
> That could explain it, except that Matt said he tried RedBoot unless 
> perhaps Matt put RedBoot on the board but still used Angel to load the 
> applications?
> Jifl
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