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Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Tue Apr 22 21:32:00 GMT 2003

Koeller, T. wrote:
> [snip]
> For all the reasons listed above, I am raising the
> topic again. My proposal is to award the status of
> an officially supported API to the C++ kernel API, too.

The problem is that we have to have flexibility to change how the kernel 
_implementation_ works, even if the _interface_ has to say the same. Right 
now the C++ stuff is just directly what is required by the implementation. 
Defining the internal API to be "official" will tie our hands unreasonably 
in the future if the API is to have any stability (and stability is one of 
the defining features of an API really!).

If there was a C++ API, it would have to be a separate veneer over the 
internal C++ API. In the first instance, using inline functions etc. this 
could be pretty much a  burden-free veneer over the internal C++ API, but 
if sensibly designed would give us the flexibility to change the 
implementation without worrying about messing up the interface.

So that _could_ be a slight improvement over the C API by removing some of 
the overhead. But no-one has yet done such a thing of course :-), and it 
_isn't_ just a case of defining one to the other since there does have to 
be some level of abstraction in order to hide the internals.

Given that people are either happy with the C API, or not too worried 
about using the internal C++ API directly, this hasn't been a priority for 
any of the main developers in the past. Personally I would have no 
objections to a sensibly designed C++ API that fulfilled the requirements 
above. Nick G obviously might have a little bit more to say in how it 
should be done of course ;-).

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