[ECOS] SH3 77x9SE01 Flash problem/solution

Rod Campbell rodc@sigmaelectronics.com
Tue Apr 22 21:06:00 GMT 2003

I have an SH3 7729RSE01 solution engine board that I am trying to port
to ecos 2.0 (the slower speed 7729SE01 baord is already supported).  As
part of my troubleshooting, I replaced the 66 MHz oscillator on my board
with a 33 MHz, making it identical to the 7729SE01 board.

I still had no luck booting up RedBoot til a tip from rupeshs in reply
to an earlier posting of mine (thanks Rupesh) got me started.  The fix
he suggested allowed RedBoot to come up, but without flash support.

Now I think I found the problem with flash support: In the
sh_se77x9_flash.c file, in plf_flash_init(), 
change:	flash_data_t id[2];
to:	flash_data_t id[4];

The function that fills this array (which is _flash_query() in
flash_am29xxxxx.inl) expects that there are 4 array positions, not 2. 
When I made this change and re-compiled, I got flash support in
RedBoot.  I still haven't done the port to the 66 MHz platform, but at
least I have a functioning system to start that task from.

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