[ECOS] Calling exit in a Redboot standalone Arm program

Pierre Habraken Pierre.Habraken@imag.fr
Tue Apr 22 15:45:00 GMT 2003

Mark Salter wrote:
> [...]
> Something to watch out for is that any patch not break the ability to
> quit GDB and return to the RedBoot prompt.

Aaaarg... the RedBoot prompt is lost ! : it replies to any key stroke by
sending a SIGTRAP message: $T050f:242d8201;0d:448f0000;#5a.

I must admit that my understanding of the RedBoot main loop operation is
very light and indeed I was surprised that such a simplistic change
could achieve what I was trying to do !

I was fooled by the fact that gdb could re-connect to RedBoot and load
again the test program right after having quit ; it could even re-load
the program right after having displayed the message 'Program exited
normally.'. So, I did not think of checking that point...

BTW, I do not understand how gdb can make RedBoot willing to talk with
where it refuses to do it with myself using a comm. program...


PS: I'd like to be able to step by step in RedBoot in order to
understand better how it operates, but up to now I failed to run it as a
RAM image: I built it using cdl options CYGSEM_HAL_ROM_MONITOR
(inferred_value 1) and CYG_HAL_STARTUP (user_value ROM) and load it at
address 0x10000, but it does not want to start (using E7T BSL command
'go'). Any idea someone ?...
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