[ECOS] Re: timeout in tftp_client_test.c

HG henri@broadbandnetdevices.com
Tue Apr 22 15:44:00 GMT 2003

> It seems more likely you are loosing packets somewhere. Try some
> simple ping tests to make sure your Ethernet device driver does not
> have a problem.
the ping test with redboot is ok : no packet lost

 the ping_test.c  test program output is also ok : no packet lost (see

what I dont understand is that the tftp with redboot works ok on the same
server : I use the redboot : load -m tftp filename  to get the
ping_test.srec file
tftp_client_test.srec (files are about 1 Meg)  from the server but  when an
tries it times out after about 3k
from the source code Redboot does not appear do the call tftp_get like the
does .
Is there anything special to configure to build the lib that has the freebsd
stack or some other networking
item ????? I will remove kernel instrumentation and asserts & tracing to see
if it improves things.

The redboot build seems to work as it is for networking , can something be
misconfigured to affect the performance of the application ?????



output of ping_test.c
PING server
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0, time=570ms
310 bytes from icmp_seq=1, time=400ms
556 bytes from icmp_seq=2, time=400ms
802 bytes from icmp_seq=3, time=400ms
1048 bytes from icmp_seq=4, time=400ms
1294 bytes from icmp_seq=5, time=390ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0, time=3570ms
310 bytes from icmp_seq=1, time=3010ms
556 bytes from icmp_seq=2, time=2630ms
802 bytes from icmp_seq=3, time=2240ms
1048 bytes from icmp_seq=4, time=1860ms
1294 bytes from icmp_seq=5, time=1460ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0, time=4260ms
310 bytes from icmp_seq=1, time=3710ms
556 bytes from icmp_seq=2, time=3330ms
802 bytes from icmp_seq=3, time=2950ms
Sent 16 packets, received 16 OK, 0 bad
....  includes test for a wrong address : all packets are lost
PASS:<Ping test OK>

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