[ECOS] Re: timeout in tftp_client_test.c

HG henri@broadbandnetdevices.com
Tue Apr 22 11:12:00 GMT 2003

> > the test tftp_get test seems to work ok for small files , smaller than
> > 3k
> > (the ecos reference manual refers to 32k as the limit)
> 32K? Thats wrong. Its more likely to be a few megebytes.

the 32k limit refered in the manual is probably  from this particular
test program that has a 32k buffer defined

> > I could not get the tftp_put test to work on an NT server , I suspect
> > the server has to be linux with all the correct permissions  . Anyone
got it
> > working on an NT???
> Permissions will not be your problem. If you can get 3K, the
> permissions are correct. The client should work with any
> server. Admittedly Linux is probably the most tested, but if it does
> not work with NT, it should and needs fixing.

the ecos configuration is for an application running out of ram (the test
that uses the Redboot vectors that are for a rom startup
Any possibility that a romram startup is required instead to run this test
program???? The timeout seems to indicate that something is not fast

> That does tcpdump (or Windump on M$) show? That should give you an
> idea where the problem lies, server or client.

I will try this today


regards ,


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