[ECOS] ecos redboot compile problem.

Beymer, Mike Mike.Beymer@itron.com
Thu Apr 17 20:21:00 GMT 2003

I'm working on a port of redboot to the PSI Minno OMAP5910 PCA. Which is very similar
to the PSI Innovator. In trying to verify my build process, I am attempting to rebuild Patrick Doyle's SRAM image for the innovator. ( his works mine doesn't). In looking at an objdump -d
of Patrick's object file compared to mine, it appears to have a problem with endian'ism
Patrick's looks as follows:

redboot-sram.out:     file format elf32-littlearm

Disassembly of section .rom_vectors:

20000000 <__rom_vectors_lma>:
20000000:       78 56 34 12 21 43 65 87                             xV4.!Ce.

20000008 <__exception_handlers>:

Mine comes out as: 

redboot.img:     file format elf32-littlearm

Disassembly of section .rom_vectors:

20000000 <__rom_vectors_lma>:
20000000:       12345678        eornes  r5, r4, #125829120      ; 0x7800000
20000004:       87654321        strhib  r4, [r5, -r1, lsr #6]!

20000008 <__exception_handlers>:

The same numbers but a different order. I've tried playing with the endian switches in the 
compiler with no change in the results. I stumped, Patrick sent me what he remembers doing to build the file, but that didn't work. Any ideas??
 -Mike Beymer

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