[ECOS] redboot/eCos problem , Thanks

Jonathan Larmour jifl@eCosCentric.com
Wed Apr 16 21:57:00 GMT 2003

chichun_vong@yahoo.com.tw wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I'm new to redboot/ecos system. 
>    Is eCos a kernel?

You could say that. It can be more or less than what other people consider
to be a kernel too!

> Can i use redboot as boot-loader
> to load linux kernel(may be a open source distribution
> but ecos)at run time.

eCos is not linux. RedBoot can boot both Linux and eCos applications
though, at least on most architectures that support Linux booting anyway.

 > If there's a device driver needed
> to be support in redboot and this driver need some
> linux system call support like thread/mutex/semaphore.

RedBoot would just load and run Linux. Once Linux runs it takes over
everything and handles all system calls itself.

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