[ECOS] configtool/wxwindows/gtk+

John Dallaway jld@ecoscentric.com
Sat Apr 12 22:42:00 GMT 2003

On Saturday 12 Apr 2003 05:44, Jonathan Larmour wrote:

> Koeller, T. wrote:

> >>>Building wxGTK-2.4.0 as part of the configtool build process does
> >>>not work with the existing makefile if gtk+-2.x is used. In this
> >>>case configure needs a --enable-gtk2 argument. Not sure how
> >>>to fix this. Should we just add --enable-gtk2 and obsolete
> >>>gtk-1.x? Or should a new target 'wx-gtk2' be introduced? But
> >>>then all targets currently depending on 'wx' would have to be
> >>>duplicated as well, adding 'full-gtk2' and so on.

[ snip ]

> I'd be interesting in John's opinions too (CC'd), as configtool-meister;
> and in particular what the system he was using for builds has on it.... I
> thought it was a recent Red Hat Linux distro which would mean gtk2 is
> installed. Although is the problem specifically when gtk2 is present but
> gtk1 is not, as John may have both installed.

My preference is to treat the configuration, building and installation of 
wxWindows completely independently. Developers should be at liberty to 
configure this library in whatever way they wish. My own recipe for 
building the configtool uses a different make file named "makefile.gnu" and 
is described at:


John Dallaway
eCosCentric Limited

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