[ECOS] arm evaluator e7t hangs when executing example progs/tests

Matt Kober mattkober@web.de
Sat Apr 12 20:31:00 GMT 2003

I enabled assertions and tracing and also disabled compiler optimisation.
Just for the fun of it i even tried the bitmap scheduler but without any better results 
though.the bin_sem0 test seems to complete correctly and "pass" is displayed but 
then the board crashes anyway. the same thing with mutex0, the others don't even 
get to display a friendly "pass" before the crash.
to me it looks like the problem is occuring in the idle task.
i'm kind of desperate, could you please have a look at the attached gdb log file ?

i really appreciate you help.

> This doesn't look promising: the common element in this appears to be 
> whether interrupts and/or the scheduler is running. When you say semaphore 
> /mutex tests pass, would I be right in guessing that in fact mutex0 passes 
> but mutex1/2/3 don't?
> It's possible the target has broken at some point :-|... none of the core 
> eCos developers have access to e7t's any more I believe. On the plus side, 
> it's very unlikely
> The first thing to try is enabling assertions, by enabling 
> CYGPKG_INFRA_DEBUG in the infra package. If that doesn't show anything, 
> try enabling tracing output by enabling tracing in the infra package, and 
> switch it to "fancy" from "buffered" mode, so that it outputs immediately 
> so you see where it stops.
> Also try compiling without optimisation (i.e. remove -O2 from the 
> CYGBLD_GLOBAL_CFLAGS, do a make clean, and rebuild) to remove the 
> possibility of compiler optimisations.
> Jifl
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