[ECOS] problems with GCC-3.2.1 and new/delete operators.

marco@sitek.it marco@sitek.it
Wed Apr 9 10:37:00 GMT 2003

> Looks like the memory layout files (particularly the .ldi file) for your 

> platform doesn't contain all the sections it should. Compare against 
> another one that's already working like the atlas HAL.

Thanks for the reply.
I've checked against the MALTA memory layout file (ram) we use with the 
application. mlt_..._ram.h and mlt_..._ram.ldi are the same except for 
memory size. About the linker script. I checked it against the MIPS32 
target and added 

#if (__GNUC__ >= 3)
GROUP(libtarget.a libgcc.a libsupc++.a)
GROUP(libtarget.a libgcc.a)

Test case below. You link this fine?

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   unsigned int index=5, *point;

   unsigned int  *point_time = new unsigned int[12];

   point = new unsigned int;
   *point = index;

   printf("*Point= %d \n",*point);
   delete point;

   for ( int i=0;i<12;i++) {

   for ( int i=0;i<12;i++) {
    printf("Hour %d \n", point_time[i]);

   delete [] point_time;

Best regards,

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