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Adolfo Lucha Adolfo.Lucha@controlware.de
Wed Apr 9 09:00:00 GMT 2003


i am not sure if this the right discussion forum for my question. Sorry if it is not.

I am developing a system with eCos on a own ppc HW. I am using T32 debugger from http://www.Lauterbach.de company. It will show me my private project files in a rigth manner but the eCos files will not be showed. The problem is that the debugger will not found the files because the path is prefixed with "/ecos-c/...". T32 is a Win32 application and can not expand such text to a drive letter. Therefore I am not able to step through the eCos code.

I fell that there is a compiler or linker flag to say: do not use the cygwin path ("/ecos-c/"), and use the windows drive letter instead. Is not it? I did not find it :-(

Or need I any settings in the cygwin environment? Mount flags? ECos configuration settings?

Any Idea?

thanks and regards,

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