[ECOS] flash filesystem and Read/Write access

Zi Zhou zzhou@3upsystems.com
Fri Apr 4 22:30:00 GMT 2003


I want to use redboot to load my application from flash and at run time,
my application should be able to save configuration data back to flash. I
am trying to find out if I can( or should) use JFFS2 or FIS for this
purpose.  I have read through the mailing list,   here is my understanding
and I hope someone can give me some suggestions.

1. Current Redboot doesn't have command to access JFFS2 filesystem. I saw
some discussion about implementing this in the mailing list, I am
wondering if someone is working on it and what the schedule would be like.

2. I can use Redboot FIS to save application image back and forth from
flash. Is it possible for ecos application to access( Read/Write) Redboot
FIS at run time, will it involve a lot of work ? Can some one give me info
about how much changes have to be made and where the major changes should

3. Can I partition my flash memory into 2 parts, say one is FIS that
redboot can recognize so that I can store eCos application there, the
other is JFFS2 filesystem for eCos application to access at run time --
for the purpose of saving and retriving configuration data files?

Thanks and your input is much appreciated.


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