[ECOS] Trace Disable

sensitron medical sensitronnet@yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 23:56:00 GMT 2003

Is there a way to disable tracing at run-time? I see
in the documentation that I can use BOOLs to disable
my own CYG_TRACE calls, but that doesn't stop the
kernel-instrumented traces that I have enabled. What I
ended up doing was writing two methods,
cyg_traceenable and cyg_tracedisable that simply set
cyg_infra_trace_buffer_enable true or false.

It seems like a useful debugging technique if you are
tracing to a circular buffer would be to freeze the
trace buffer after a particular event so that you can
see what happen just prior to the event. If you don't
disable, the buffer will fill and overwrite the good
stuff with new data before you have a chance to
examine it.

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