[ECOS] EB40 and EB40A patches

Konstantin Kletschke konsti@ludenkalle.de
Thu Apr 3 20:48:00 GMT 2003

* Timothy Woods <twoods@actelesys.com> [Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 01:19:27PM -0500]:

> the AT91 platforms into the repository.  I am working with an EB40A and have
> been able to get it to work using 2.0b1 by using the existing patches
> provided by Thomas, Tim, et. al. with some minor changes made by hand.  Is

Thats my entry point for now...
I am offering to maintain a eb40a and eb40 patch for the 2.0b1 tree.
Simply why I for myself desperatly trying to get this thing run on my
eb40a but I am not able to get along these patches and modifications
But I think, here are you and shannon for example, with them together I
think I could managage and maintain that!

For example, for me it would be a great afford, getting redboot to run
on my eb40a...
And I would be happy to distribute that
afford in an eb40a-ecos-2.0b1.patch and eb40a-ecos-2.0b2.patch and so
on. Seems that eb40a does not make it into final,  so the patch against
official versions has to be maintained :-)


Kletschke & Uhlig GbR: 

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