[ECOS] EB40 and EB40A patches

Timothy Woods twoods@actelesys.com
Wed Apr 2 18:20:00 GMT 2003

I was wondering if there was still an effort to integrate the patches for
the AT91 platforms into the repository.  I am working with an EB40A and have
been able to get it to work using 2.0b1 by using the existing patches
provided by Thomas, Tim, et. al. with some minor changes made by hand.  Is
there still a plan to integrate these patches for 2.0, or is this being held
off until after the official 2.0 release?
Is it possible to add a cdl variable to the EB40A hal to specify whether to
use external RAM or the internal SRAM only?  Can this variable then be used
to determine which linker script fragment to use in addition the "RAM",
"ROM", or "ROMRAM" settings? Does this sound like an acceptable solution for
those of you with an EB40A?

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