[ECOS] Congratulations and well done!

Gary Thomas gthomas@ecoscentric.com
Tue Nov 26 15:06:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 15:26, Patrick Doyle wrote:
> I just wanted to say congratulations and well done to the designers and
> developers of eCos.  In less than a day, I was able to bring up a RedBoot
> prompt on a new (ARM) platform.  Less than two hours later, I was able to
> store, load, and run a program to/from flash.  In contrast, it took me a
> week just to get the serial port and flash devices working well enough to
> provide me with a load-and-go S-record loader that I used to load in my
> RedBoot image.
> I couldn't have done this without the countless manhours of effort that have
> gone into this such a reliable product.  Thank you for making me look good
> :-)
> Now, if I could just get the MMU figured out...

What problems are you having?  Exactly what have you tried?

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