[ECOS] Ecos interrupt handling

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Tue Nov 26 10:37:00 GMT 2002

"A.K.V.SAI JAYRAM" <sai@cdotb.ernet.in> writes:

> Hi Tim...
> Thanx for the info.
> I have checked the documents for interrupts. But nothing is given in
> detail.

I'm not sure how much detail you want, but there is some in the
documentation in at least these places:


> Is there any document which explains the implementation methodology...? or
> source code document..?

If you need more detail, read the code. I would recommend starting
with the MIPS or PowerPC HALs, since these architectures are cleaner
in this area that things like the ARM or 386.

Nick Garnett - eCos Kernel Architect

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