[ECOS] Daft newbie question.

Yin Bao yin.bao@biometricsolutions.com
Mon Nov 25 07:06:00 GMT 2002

The instruction of installing gnu tools are mostly the same as the page
you referred, the only broken links are for GDB (gdb and insight),
you can get 5.2 instead (just modify the links slightly or use anonymous
ftp) since 5.0 links are not available anymore. I use the command line
GDB 5.2 and it works fine, insight installation was not successful
for me but may because I have the wrong tcl version. I did not
work on it more since command line gdb is good enough for me.
Make sure you follow the instructions PRESICELY, get the exact
version of binutils/etc. as in the page, not later versions since they
may not work. I build the tools from sources as instructed by that page,
am not aware of how to get the binaries.

Use ecos from CVS tree, don't use 1.3.1, it's very old and not recommended.


Roddy Pratt wrote:

>I want to evaluate ECOS for (currently) x86 development, hosted on Windows
>2K using cygwin.
>Can anybody point me at a set of suitable BINARIES for gnu tools that will
>work together with ECOS. The
>instructions at http://sources.redhat.com/ecos/tools/win-i386-elf.html seem
>somewhat out of date, with broken links, etc.
>Failing a set of binaries, can someone doing x86 target development with
>cygwin me know what combination of cygwin/gcc/gdb/binutils versions they're
>using - and what they had to do to get it all to work....
>... and I guess I should be using the CVS tree, not the 1.3.1 'release'???
>	Roddy


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