[ECOS] ecosconfig (beginner question)?

Ian Gilmour ian.gilmour@ffei.co.uk
Fri Nov 22 06:15:00 GMT 2002


Thanks for the advice.

Ok, I downloaded ecos v1.3.1 and that appears to have a binary ecosconfig I
can run.

Am I right in thinking I can simply point it to the packages directory in
the later cvs version?

(i.e. can I run ecosconfig from ecos v1.3.1, but with ECOS_REPOSITORY set to
something like xx/yy/ecos_CVS/packages rather than

I'd still be curious to know how to build ecosconfig from scratch? Any

My final target is currently planned to be a PowerPC561 (No MMU and some
additional peripheral devices), but I'm still waiting on the h/w to arrive
and "ecosconfig list" shows a number of powerpc-based simulator packages

Any advice on which one(s) I should run with in the meantime would be much

Thanks in advance.


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On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 04:14, Ian Gilmour wrote:
> Ok I've downloaded the latest CVS version of ecos, and I've built my cross
> compiler and insight debugger for a PowerPC target.
> But how do I configure and build ecosconfig?
> (N.B. Host = Linux)

No real need - you can download binaries from

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