[ECOS] FAT/VFAT support on ECOS

Paul Davis pcda@lightlink.com
Fri Nov 15 06:11:00 GMT 2002


   There have been various postings about support for MS FAT/VFAT file system
and ECOS -- one with source, as I recall.

   I'm working to put up a basic facility for accessing FAT16/VFAT formated
media.  The interface (ATA/Compact Flash) is built and working.  The need is
for the logic to handle FAT and clusters to create, write and read files.  Seems
like this wheel has got to have been re-invented many times. 

 I've looked at the Linux & FreeBSD code -- it is all tangled with inodes and
the unix end of file systems.

 Does anyone out there know of any "just the basics" VFAT code?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Davis 

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