[ECOS] Re: New section

Vinayak P Risbud vinayak@multitech.co.in
Thu Nov 14 21:40:00 GMT 2002

    Hi, Manoj,

    Thanks for your response.  You are partially right.  I want to
    move, only a part of my code to a new location, without disturbing
    the .text section

    How can I do this ?

    Thanks and regards


"Manoj Verma, Noida" wrote:

> Hi Vianyak,
> If your only intention of creating your own section is to load the section
> in a particular memory location,  you can as well do the same by creating a
> memory section in linker script as directing the text section to that memory
> location.
> Am i getting u correct ??
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> From: Vinayak P Risbud [mailto:vinayak@multitech.co.in]
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> Subject: New section
>   I want to create my own new elf section ,
>    and I want to map my C code my own
>     defined section, instead of standard .text
>     section.
>     How can I do this ?
>     ~
>         Vinayak
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