[ECOS] Reinitializing eth0 using BOOTP

Ajay Dudani abdudani@unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Nov 14 08:21:00 GMT 2002

I am trying to reinitialize the eth0 network interface in the

When the application come up initially, it uses init_all_interfaces() to
initialize the network using BOOTP.  Redboot is also using BOOTP.

Now in my application I want to be able to reinitialize the network
either manually (by entering all values) or by using BOOTP.

I have been able to reinitialize the interface manually by:
- Shutdown the interface
- build_bootp_record
- init_net using the manually build (fake) BOOTP record.

However I am unable to do same thing using BOOTP.
With BOOTP this is what I am trying to doing:
- do_bootp to send out request and get data from BOOTP server
- init_net using this bootp record.

However do_bootp returns 'false' without any error.
Looking into code for do_bootp, the only place where it returns 'false'
without any perror, is when there is no server present.  However I am
not sure how this is possible since I was able to initialse the network
initially when the application came up using BOOTP.

Am I missing something here.

Ajay Dudani

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