[ECOS] How to disable GDB STUBS?

Nick Garnett nickg@ecoscentric.com
Thu Nov 7 07:40:00 GMT 2002

Iztok Zupet <iztok.zupet@vsr.si> writes:

> On Wednesday 06 November 2002 23:18, Bart Veer wrote:
> > Looking at the CDL constraints, the configuration you are after
> > (RedBoot without gdb stubs) is not currently supported. If you want to
> I've noticed a kind of cyclic dependancy in CDL constraints regarding stubs, 
> preventing tham beeing disabled. But I'd like to know the trick to debug the 
> RedBoot startup code with RedBoot if it exists?

There's no trick, you have to do it the hard way. This usually means
flashing LEDs or using assembly code to poke bytes out of a serial
port. Once the HAL serial drivers are initialized properly, then you
can use diag_printf()'s to find out what's happening. Most network
drivers have optional diagnostic output that can be turned on.

If RedBoot is working sufficiently that you can use it for
debugging something then, almost by definition, the startup code must
be working. Also, since RedBoot usually goes into ROM, there is not
much that can be done in the way of setting breakpoints or single

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