[ECOS] se77x9 memory map question

Cho, JinJe (FXKIS.KOR) jjcho@kor.xerox.com
Thu Nov 7 02:58:00 GMT 2002


I have ported redboot in my sh7709 custom board.
While I analyze the se77x9 and relational source, I have a question.

In redboot document, the size of DRAM in se77x9 is 32MB(0x8c000000 -
0x8dffffff).(RAM startup)
But in the ldi and h files, the start of DRAM is 0x8c020000 and the size of
DRAM is 0x1fe0000. 
Why does it start at 0x8c020000 instead of 0x8c000000?

thanks in advance

Best regards, 

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