[ECOS] How to disable GDB STUBS?

Bart Veer bartv@ecoscentric.com
Tue Nov 5 13:36:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Lomesh" == Agarwal, Lomesh <lomesh.agarwal@intel.com> writes:

    Lomesh> In my redboot_ROM.ecm file I added an entry:
    Lomesh>     inferred_value 0
    Lomesh> };
    Lomesh> But still all the code under #ifdef
    Lomesh> CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_INCLUDE_STUBS is getting compiled.
    Lomesh> How can I undef it?

Part of the problem may be that the inference engine is changing the
value of this option again. "inferred_value" should be used only for
options that were updated by the inference engine to resolve some
conflict in the configuration. If there are still conflicts in the
configuration then the engine is allowed to reset the value to 1, if
that solves the problem(s).

Instead you should be using a user_value:

        user_value 1

The inference engine will not override user settings. If there are
conflicts it will try to resolve them some other way, or report the
configuration as invalid.


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