[ECOS] Insight/GDB 5.2 Extremely slow on nano target (ethernet debugging)

Warren Postma warren.postma@adaptivenetworks.on.ca
Tue Nov 5 06:27:00 GMT 2002

Quoth JL:
> Try the command line (arm-elf-gdb -nw) to see if it is faster.

I did that and it was no faster. It still locks up, even doing single steps.
The first things in main()  are in the order of "x=5", so stepping through
them hardly seems a challenge.

In fact today, serial stepping (S) and step over (N) both are working ONLY
with serial connection, and Ethernet crashes immediately if I try to single
step while in main().

I wonder if something is going on with Ethernet IRQ handling.

Are there any debug flags I can enable and recompile Insight with, or any
runtime GDB Commands that could help me get more information on what's going
on here?

One additional factoid:  If I uncheck the "Set breakpoint at Main()" in the
RUN Dialog, and manually delete all saved breakpoints before I hit run, it
still locks up.   So basically Ethernet debugging is totally unstable.  Some
additional way to generate debug information might help me figure it out.
Right now, just running I can see that there is zero ethernet activity, and
zero CPU activity, and the system just waits about 60 seconds, does a little
ethernet blip (about one packet) and then waits another minute. Also, no GDB
console window ever opens.  If I hit the GUI STOP button I get "No response
from target. Detach from target (and stop debugging it)? [Yes/No]".

Thanks Jonathan, by the way, I'm sorry that you seem to be bearing the brunt
of the load on this mailing list. Hopefully I can contribute back to the
project once I get past this initial incompetence. <grin>


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