[ECOS] GDB "invalid remote reply"...

Schumacher, Gordon gordon_schumacher@maxtor.com
Mon Nov 4 15:24:00 GMT 2002

As suggested (and as planned), I'm trying to get Insight/GDB running on my

I open the .out file and select Run->Connect To Target.  Most of the time,
it just hangs.
The rare times that it doesn't, I can then type "continue" in the console,
or alternately select "Control->Step" (the results are identical.)

A few seconds after this, I get a message back saying, "Invalid remote
reply: 00ttrraa::0000002200::44cc000000::88ee0000".

I also tend to see "Ignoring packet error" and "Packet instead of Ack"
messages with some frequency in the debug output.

I suspect that my code may be blowing up somewhere, as when the "Connect To
Target" works, the debugger indicates that the code is somewhere in
cyg_libc_main_stack() (which should be data, no?)

Any idea what I should look at?  The only change in behaviour I've managed
to accomplish is to cause our board not to respond at all...

This is astonishingly frustrating... I've got the kernel working, only to
have absolutely nothing work inside "user-space".

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