[ECOS] having ecos working with third-party development environment?

Yin Bao yin.bao@biometricsolutions.com
Mon Nov 4 09:55:00 GMT 2002

I am new to ecos and just got the tools it needed and built the
library successfully. I need some advice here: is it easy
to have ecos working with a third-party development environment
in general? Particularly, anybody has done that for Green Hill's
MULTI 2000 (IDE for ARM)? My company is making its own hardware
with ARM and considers this IDE being helpful in the long run,
we are also considering using ecos as the RTOS since there
is a port to the processor (Cirrus Logic 7312) from ecos.
I can think of a few choices here and would like to get some
recommendation/advice from ecos community:

Choice 1. move ecos into the third-party IDE. 

  This not only involves analyzing makefiles of ecos and moving
  the sources into 3rd-party IDE; also involves using 3rd-party
  cross compiler. Is this doable? How tightly coupled is ecos
  with the GNU based cross-compilers/debuggers? Is it easy to just
  take ecos source code into another IDE? Possibility of potential
  problems? How much support there might be from ecos community
  in that case?

Choice 2. Use ecos as library and have it built under GNU tools,
          write applications in 3rd-party IDE. 

  The issue here seems to be that ecos uses GNU corss-compilers,
  and the application is developed using another set of cross-
Choice 3. Write the application in ecos environment (without 
  3rd-party IDE at all)

  My question in general here is that how powerful is Gnu GDB
  in the areas of debugging ARM/home-grown hardware/software, etc.?

I know these are generic questions however any recommendation/advice
of what/what not to do is appreiciated, plus any sharing of 
experiences that you might have had in similar situations.
Thanks in advance.


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