[ECOS] server_test vmware tribulation

Iztok Zupet iztok.zupet@vsr.si
Mon Nov 4 00:22:00 GMT 2002

On Saturday 02 November 2002 14:33, Vijai Krishnamurthy wrote:
> Andrew, Iztok and all,
> I cudn't go down much. Once I reached eth_drv_send

After doing some tests of the lancepci driver with the current version of the 
CVS tree (new_net)  and VMware(3.2) , I can tell:

The driver seems to work with RedBoot, not with eCos. The device stops working 
after the DHCP is done. The reason is that the driver control functions do 
not wait for tramsit to finish! and the device hangs or VMware even complains 
with one of the NOT IMPLEMENTED features.

I'll try to fix that as soon as I get some time.

BTW, it seemd tho work fine last summer, when I wrote it.


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