[ECOS] multi-threading in eCos and Linux

00917764d 00917764d@polyu.edu.hk
Sun Nov 3 23:46:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I am going to write a cross-platform multithreading program in eCos and Linux, 
as I know, both eCos and Linux are support POSIX thread (p_thread) and eCos 
also have some API (cyg_thread) to handle multi-threading. I want to write an 
crossplatform compatible program which suit to eCos and Linux. So I want to 
use POSIX thread to develop this program. But I afraid the performance of 
POSIX thread in eCos is not good as cyg_thread in eCos. Could you suggest me 
that which threading API in eCos is prefered( p_thread or cyg_thread)? Thanks 
a lot.


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