[ECOS] Linux with Redboot on EP7312

Jani Monoses jani@iv.ro
Fri Nov 1 06:10:00 GMT 2002

> is 0xc0028000 by looking at these lines:
> c0028000 ? __init_begin
> c0028000 ? stext

> Now I've setup CYGHWR_REDBOOT_ARM_LINUX_EXEC_ADDRESS to 0x00010000
this should be 0xc028000 then

> For the tags, CYGHWR_REDBOOT_ARM_LINUX_TAGS_ADDRESS I've used 0x00200000.
make sure that when MMU is turned off this virtual address matches the address
the kernel expects it's param block.It's hardcoded depending on the latform _and_
the kernel version (at least for the edb7xxx this has changed at least once)
> Also, should I expect the kernel output on the console (ttyS0)? or should I
> pass in a
> console=ttyS0,38400?
it's probably not called ttyS0 on your board but ttyAM0 or someting.I might be wrong though.
> Should I be using zImage rather then vmlinux?
zImage or Image (the uncompressed version)

Also if you update to a recent kernel you can run it from flash since the 
uncompressor is position independent.

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