[ECOS] eCos consultant needed

Jeremy Craner jcraner@sorensontech.com
Fri May 31 14:04:00 GMT 2002

My company recently posted a message looking for an eCos consultant to
accelerate the port of eCos to our custom hardware. We hired a consultant
and this turned out to be very successful. We now have eCos running on our
board with several custom low level drivers. We are now porting a high level
application that works with the low level drivers. This application is
currently working under VxWorks on the same custom hardware. Our previous
consultant is unavailable to assist so we are looking for someone else to
assist in this effort, preferably on site in Logan, Utah. If there is
someone who has extensive experience with eCos that would be interested in
this, please email me directly.

Thank you.

Jeremy Craner
Sorenson Technologies

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