[ECOS] Problem with 82559 driver

Larice Robert larice@vidisys.de
Fri May 31 04:51:00 GMT 2002

> Hi,
> I took 82559 driver for IQ80310 RedBoot and ported it to my platform.
> I82559_init passes successfully and I can find the device and its BARs are
> initialized properly. But the problem is that I don't see any data packet
> coming out on wire (I hooked the NIC to IXIA which is a packet analyzer)
> when I try to ping a host. I am using static IP address. Another thing is
> that my board has 82559ER in place of 82559.
> When I do a ping TxMachine function is called and it starts a tx operation.
> Then I see TxMachine being called again. This time it goes to tx_in_progress
> block and there I find SCB status as 0x10 and it assumes that CU is idle.
> But I don't see any packet coming out.
> Can someone give me some hint as to what may be possibly wrong?
> Also can someone point me to the document which has all the "command unit
> command" and "receive unit command". I downloaded 82559er datasheet from
> Intel website but that doesn't
> have this info.
> Thanks,
> Lomesh

the 82559 driver internally uses uncached memory to communicate with
the chip (see pciwindow_mem_alloc in if_82559.c)
if thats your port, you might have missed this ?

Robert Larice

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