[ECOS] i82559 driver sending dupliacte packet

Larice Robert larice@vidisys.de
Fri May 31 04:43:00 GMT 2002

> I am using eCos downloaded from CVS 8 months ago. while sending packet
> using driver functions (if_i82559.c) same packet is going out twice. i
> have made sure that my code is not sending twice. i am getting following
> assertion fail from driver
> CYG_ASSERT( rxstatus_hi & RFD_STATUS_HI_EL, "No prev EL" )
> have anybody faced this kind of problem?? when can this happen ??
> plz help me out.
> arindam C

I had the same problem. In my case follwing 2 in if_82559.c where responsible.
I didn't have defined
Mask82559 will then use cyg_drv_interrupt_mask().
  but  for my target (sh4), cyg_drv_interrupt_mask was a NOP for the
  IRQ pins i had used.
furthermore UnMask82559() should restore the irq state, but
  cyg_drv_interrupt_mask() will fail if nested calls occur.

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