[ECOS] Performance measure on PowerPC

Daniel.Lidsten@combitechsystems.com Daniel.Lidsten@combitechsystems.com
Tue May 28 01:48:00 GMT 2002


During the last week i have had a few performance problem with my MPC850.
Now that i understand that the real issue was that i had to many extern RAM
access then i have to do the best i can to avoid such during critical
sections. However, i need some performance measure function that is run
everytime the CPU is idle. My thought is that i create a low priority thread
together with the rest of all threads in my application. If i do so then i
will never get to the real idle_thread in eCos but always stay in the

Does anyone have a piece of code that by quite simple actions can measure
(and store?) the work load of a system? I have search through the archive
and found a "ping-pong" measurement method but i want some simpler...

Regards, Daniel

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