[ECOS] find eCos teachers and good friends

zhlg_shuhan zhlg_shuhan@sina.com
Mon May 27 00:47:00 GMT 2002

    I am a student and a beginner of eCos,and I have great interests in learning the RTOS.My goal is to understand its source code and port it into any platforms at liberty.But martirials and informaition are too much that I lost myself.could you give me some directions about where to begin and what to focus on with mini cost?
    thank you and best regards!


ÐÂÀËÃâ·Ñµç×ÓÓÊÏä (http://mail.sina.com.cn)
ÐÂÀË·ÖÀàÐÅÏ¢£º¶þÊÖÊг¡×ßÒ»×ߣ¬¸Ã³öÊÖʱ¾Í³öÊÖ£¡ (http://classad.sina.com.cn/2shou/)

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