[ECOS] Multi-ICE support Status

benny benny5@mindspring.com
Fri May 24 16:32:00 GMT 2002

I tried the new version of code (v2?) ;
here are the results on e7t board:

1. There is a problem in vector.s (or in my setup):

        ldr     r2,=ice_thread_vector
//BLD!        sub     r2,r2,r1        // compute fixed (low memory) address
        ldr     r3,=0x4D494345  // 'MICE'
        str     r3,[r2],#4

in the commented instruction r2 is the ice_tread_vector which resides in
section ".fixed_vectors"
which in my case has the absolute address 0x20 (the vector itself has the
absolute address 0x150)
r1 is the __exception_handlers which has address 0x10000
This way the sub result got negative.

I commented out the sub instruction, now the sting MICE got written to the
address 0x150.
The comment in vectors.s says that it should be address 0x50. Difference in
0x100 is because of the
hal_virtual_vector_table which I can't remove.
So my MultiIce server keeps reporting "Not a good vector or eCos not

Also when I enabled CYGDBG_HAL_DEBUG_GDB_INCLUDE_STUBS, I start getting GDB
output to my debug console
like : $T02thread:00000006;0f:08c40100;0d:fc4f0400;#24
Because I don't have GDB on the serial port, and GDB waits for input, code

Looks like I still miss something in flags.


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> benny wrote:
> >
> > My question is now about MultiICE eCOS awareness.
> > First attempt was not to use stubs at all. My application
> worked fine then
> > (breakpoints, memory read/write etc) but I don't have any OS awareness.
> > Then I tried to follow the instructions and rebuild the eCOS library.
> >
> > Two flags:
> > were enabled before (that is how I got eCOS awareness through the serial
> > port)
> >
> > But then I can't find CYGHWR_HAL_ARM_ICE_THREAD_SUPPORT option at all.
> > I use eCOS from the CVS tip - was it checked in? Or I can
> > find it somewhere else?
> > The flag was mentioned once in some document came with eCOS, that's it.
> That flag will appear in eCos v2. Which should be out in anoncvs form in
> the next few days. Please don't ask about it yet - we're quite busy on it!
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