[ECOS] Re: gnu tools

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Fri May 24 06:56:00 GMT 2002

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zhlg_shuhan wrote:
>    error:
>     /src/binutils/binutils-2.10.1/configure: No such file or directory
>    when I input
>     configure --target=powerpc-eabi --prefix=/tools \
>     --exec-prefix=/tools/H-i686-pc-cygwin \
>       -v 2>&1 | tee configure.out
> error:
>      bash:configure: command not found!

Does /src/binutils/binutils-2.10.1/configure exist? If so this probably
means something is wrong with your cygwin installation as I bet it can't
find /bin/sh

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