[ECOS] Porting trouble

Andrew Lunn andrew.lunn@ascom.ch
Fri May 24 03:16:00 GMT 2002

> Well.. The thing is, The only way I have to download stuff to the board is 
> using the pre-installed monitor, which requires me to use BOOTP to download 
> stuff onto the board, so I'm not really using ROM.. I have a diode ramp set 
> up on a I/O port on the board which is directly mapped into memory 
> (0x19800000). So If I'm able to write to that address, I will easily see it.
> But I'm not getting anywhere.. What I'm doing is this:
> > ecosconfig new assabet stubs
> > ecosconfig tree
> > make
> > build.boot.elf install/bin/gdb_module.img gdb.hex
> (this build-boot thing is what converts the elf binary to the format needed 
> for the bootp transfer)
> Unfortunately, there is no disassembler on the board, so I can't really see 
> what code is being run

objdump can disassemble

arm-elf-objdump --disassemble build.boot.elf | less


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