[ECOS] Having trouble with RomFS in eCos 2.0

jyl087@netscape.net jyl087@netscape.net
Thu May 23 17:37:00 GMT 2002

I'm having trouble with the RomFS under eCos 2.0. I've had no trouble in the previous eCos, so I wonder what's changed.

I have an MTAB_ENTRY declaration in my test program as follows:

  MTAB_ENTRY( romfs_mte1, "/", "romfs", "", (CYG_ADDRWORD)0xe0080000);

Target is EDB7312.

I traced the problem to the mount table initializer (cyg_mtab_init).

It seems that the linker defined variable, "fstab_end" is incorrect. In my case, it the 

  for (f= &fstab[0]; f!=&fstab_end; f++)

loop never gets to the fstab entry for the RomFs because it terminates prematurely. I don't really understand how this variable (fstab_end) gets set.

Any ideas?


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