[ECOS] ecos 2.0 doc file

Stephen Polkowski stephen@centtech.com
Thu May 23 10:26:00 GMT 2002

Are there any docbook readers on Linux?  What are they called?



Jonathan Larmour wrote:

> john tom wrote:
>>I have download the ecos v2.0,but its doc file is SGML format.I don't know
>>how t
>>o read these files.Who can tell me what i can do?
> We haven't shipped the generated HTML files. Those will be part of the
> _real_ 2.0 release. This is just an "alpha", or even then, more just a
> look-see!).
> The point is that we are now shipping the docbook _source_ in anoncvs.
> Previously we didn't ship anything, primarily because it was in Adobe
> Framemaker.
> Jifl

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