[ECOS] Re: gcc 3.x for linux synthetic... a build question

Martin Buck martin.buck@ascom.ch
Wed May 22 06:50:00 GMT 2002

rdim_outside@softhome.net wrote:
> Thank you very much for answer. Actually, you're right - gcc can be built
> without any problems if --without-newlib is specified. But it doesn't work
> properly for linux synthetic (see original msg).

Stupid me, I missed that part of your original message. That also means
I'll have to fix my build scripts, since I intended to start actually
doing something with the synthetic Linux compiler in a few hours :-(

Somebody on this list mentioned that you can use a native Linux gcc 3.x
now for eCos, so another thing to try would be to configure your gcc
without any --target options (and without --with-newlib, of course). You
just have to make sure not to install it over your current native

Yet another thing to try would be to give gcc the missing sys/ucontext.h
file it complained about in your original message. As far as I can see,
the only thing it wants from it is the definition of "struct ucontext",
so you could try copy & pasting it from /usr/include/sys/ucontext.h into
gcc/config/i386/linux.h. Disclaimer: I know exactly nothing about the
purpose of "struct ucontext", so my suggestion could be complete
nonsense. :-)


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